Українське ділове мовлення. Календар свят


Berezivska higher vocational school


Odessa National Polytechnic University


Invited to master modern professions and specialties:

On the basis of 9 classes with a training period of 3 years to obtain a complete secondary education:


  • carpenter building; a carpenter;
  • welder manual welding; the driver of vehicles category   "С"                              
  • painter; plasterer;
  • hairdresser (stylist);
  • tailor;
  • cook; Pastry (4 years);
  • cook; Waiter (4 years).


On the basis of 11 classes with duration of 1.5 years:

  • welder manual welding; the driver of vehicles category "C";
  • cook;
  • cook; waiter;
  • hairdresser (stylist)
  • Master of restaurant service;
  • Head Secretary (organization, enterprise, institution).


Graduates received diplomas of qualified workers from the areas of "Food Technology" and "Technology of light industry", can continue their education at qualification level "junior specialist" (respectively 1.5 and 2 years).
During training, you can get another one or more professions under the program of course training.


                                                     Applicants submit the following documents:



  • a statement indicating the chosen profession (specialty);
  • documents about education (original);
  • a certificate of family composition and residence;
  • birth certificate, copy of passport;
  • health certificate (Form 086) with a note on vaccination and aptitude;
  • a copy of an identification code;
  • 6 fotokartok (3x4 cm);
  • boys - registration certificate or military ID;
  • documents proving the benefits.

Students have the opportunity to learn innovative European technologies at the leading Austrian and German specialists. The college preparatory courses for entry into the Odessa National Polytechnic University, courses in Spanish and Polish languages. Institution is a member of III, IV, V International Investment and Innovation Forum (Odessa), winner of IV, V, VI and VII International Exhibition "Modern education", International Forum "Innovation in modern education" (Kiev).


It offers students: a dormitory, dining room, cafe, training complex "Vienna-Berlin" theater events, art studio, auditorium, student interest clubs Center of Artistic and aesthetic education "Constellation", a sports hall and a study Medical Rehabilitation Center "Philosophy health ", a library, a reading room with Wi-Fi and classrooms with Internet access.


67300, Odessa region, Berezivka, street Victory 21.Tel / Fax: (048-56) 2-12-32.