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History of school


School created June 7, 1966 (then Berezovskoye GPTU №19). Now Berezovsky higher vocational school of Odessa National Polytechnic University provides training of skilled workers in the profession: cook, tailor, seamstress, hairdresser, welder, driver, painter, plasterer, carpenter, building, carpenter, secretary-typist and highly skilled workers to the level of qualification of "junior specialist "clothing and culinary production. In the school year enrolled 650 - 700 students from Odessa, Nikolaev, Kirovograd, Lviv, Donetsk regions and the city, including 60 - 80 orphans and children deprived of parental care and children with disabilities. Teaching staff - 107 persons, 10 of them are standouts of Education of Ukraine, 2 teachers were awarded the badge "Makarenko", 1 teacher-methodologist, 56 industrial training masters and teachers have high level and category. In 43 years a school of trained more than 40 thousand. Working for companies and organizations of Ukraine. Established permanent business relationships with enterprises and organizations Odessa, Odessa and Nikolaev regions, on the basis of which carried out job training and practice of students. Much attention is paid to extracurricular work with pupils, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Among the vocational training institutions of the region in all-Ukrainian festival-contest "Your Talents, Ukraine!" School constantly wins prizes and young athletes, according to the results of II, III, IV and V (2008). Games among vocational northern part of the zone, fighting only the first place. Institution cooperates with the Higher Professional School of Economics m.Rid / Innkreis and the Higher School of Tourism in Bad Leonfelden (Austria), the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and its structural subdivision - Charitable Foundation "Development of Society" (Odessa) , the German cultural and educational foundation "Renaissance". Students and teachers are regularly practice and training in Austria, receiving relevant international certifications. Since 2005, the school actively cooperates with the Senior Expert Service (SES - Bonn, Germany) - master classes, seminars, cooking, hairdressing, sewing skills under the guidance of experienced experts. In 2002 - 2008 the school took part in the international project "VET Reform in Ukraine" ( "tourism" Field of donor - Austria, the project coordinator Dr. Hans Shustereder). In December 2006 .. The school was visited by a delegation headed by the 1st Deputy Minister of Education, Culture and Arts of Austria Wolfgang Shteltsmyullerom. The guests got acquainted with the educational institution, teaching restaurant "Vienna-Berlin" complex educational Cafe "Mozart", "Vienna Cafe" and the barber shop "Alcina". During the meeting, the head of the State Administration Mr. Shteltsmyuller praised the work of the CPG ONPU in the project and presented the school director V.P.Shevchenko certificate for 83 thousand. For the purchase of equipment. A total investment of the Austrian party received more than $ 120 thousand UAH., And the Federal Government of Germany allocated 50 thousand UAH. In May and August 2009, the Order of St. Lawrence "Lawrence Brotherhood" (VI-General prior G.Fisher, Germany) provided humanitarian assistance to the college facilities for workshops, dormitories, clothing for orphaned students (20.3 tons). Berezovskoye CPG ONPU participated in the III, IV and V of the International Forum of Investments and Innovations (2006-2008. Odessa), and has been praised as the foreign participants, and governors of the region. More than 50 participants of the V Forum (in 2008 ..) visited the school and got acquainted with its work on the integration into the European educational space. Professor of political science at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy Melanie Sulla here leads workshops with students of the Academy from different European countries. By participating in the integration process, CPG ONPU cooperates with Uman State Agrarian University, Khmelnytsky National University, Kiev University of Technology and Design, Kiev National University of Food Technologies, Institute of Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Transport and Communications' Communications of Ukraine (Odessa). The former vocational school №19 of Berezovka in May 2002 received the status of higher vocational schools (I-th level of accreditation of higher education institutions), and became a structural subdivision of Odessa National Polytechnic University in June 2006.